Most Cynical Zodiac Signs

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Virgo, your high standards make you critical.

1. Virgo

Your sixth sector of service governs your benevolence.


Virgos prefer a well-oiled life. Ash says they're the zodiac's perfectionists.


One of your defining characteristics is skepticism in general, Scorpio. 

2. Scorpio

This makes you aware of life's darker side and smart enough to always be vigilant.


This water pressure sign feels strongly yet craves emotional safety.


Saturn is accountable for your great feeling of duty.

3. Capricorn

Capricorns are just so practical that they can grow disillusioned and cynical about life.


Capricorn influence in one's horoscope is indicative of a conservative personality with a healthy dose of skepticism.


There's a good reason why you challenge the status quo so frequently, Aquarius.

4. Aquarius 

Saturn and Uranus, your traditional and modern rulers, make you cynical.


They are also able to grow discouraged quickly .


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