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Most Cheerful Zodiac Sign

1. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are "governed by joyous Jupiter and have the best attitude of all zodiac signs.


Sagittarians' "desire for adventure and sense of independence" contribute to their happiness.

2. Leo

Leo, like Gemini, enjoys the limelight (they are, after all, governed by the sun).


Therefore, they frequently become comedians or vocalists.

3. Gemini

This effusive sign is so gregarious and outgoing that they can transform a boring night on the sofa into a house party. 


When they're not happy, that smile can transform into a sneer in an instant.

4. Libra

They rarely experience the blues and are able to see both aspects of situations that would otherwise be distressing.


They simply address situations as they arise and then move on, resulting in excellent spirits.

5. Cancer

Cancers are notoriously temperamental, but when they're in a happy mood, they're one of the happiest signs in the zodiac. 


This natural nurturer emits the most positive energy when they are relaxed and encircled by their closest friends. 

6. Aries

This is a desirable quality in a coworker, but it is also desirable in a companion, as they can help you get through difficult times.


These natural leaders have an inspiring can-do attitude. 

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