Most Athletic Zodiac Signs

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The no guts, no glory mentality is often associated with those born under the Aries zodiac. 

1. Aries

The fierce fire sign is fierce when they want the prize. 


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, providing this fire sign an extra strategic advantage in any athletics.


The sixth sign of health and wellbeing rules the ambitious maiden, making them naturally active. 

2. Virgo

Marquardt believes Virgo respects the body as an earth sign.


 Earth signs are practical, thorough, and materialistic. 


Scorpios can excel at dance or team sports.

3. Scorpio

Power drives intense water signs, not winning. 


Scorpios like meticulous, strategic sports or physical motions that put them in control.


Sagittarius zodiac signs love a challenge. 

4. Sagittarius

 Marquardt believes Sagittarius wants excitement. 


This daring fire sign is fearless, bold, yet always ready to undertake the most rock climbing in the world.


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