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Most Anxious Zodiac Signs 

1. Virgo

Virgos are worried. Mercury rules cautious, slow-moving Virgo, which boasts one of the fastest wits.


Virgo is apprehensive. They appear calm, but their nervousness shows. They look tense.

2. Aquarius

They think rapidly and glimpse the future others can't yet imagine. Living in the future increases their anxiety.


They typically spot upcoming developments first. Aquarian intuition excites and frightens them. 

3. Cancer

Cancer patients are kind, but they wear their hearts on their sleeves, which is exhausting.


Cancers disguise their melancholy. They hide pain. Cancer hates asking for aid, which raises their worry.

4. Pisces

However Pisces is severely concerned by fears concerning their loved ones.


People sometimes misinterpret intuition. They presumptively expect the worse.

5. Gemini

Geminis are friendly and cheerful. They're mentally restless. Overthinking causes tension. Their analysis paralyzes them.


Geminis' worries are often unfocused. They don't worry about existential issues like Pisces and Cancer.

6. Libra

They're fragile. Libra rarely expresses their desires. They obsess with pleasing others.


Libra contemplates relationships. Conversations and SMS worry them. Libra worries if you don't answer right away.

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