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Mercury Retrograde in Aries

1. A Retrograde on Fire

Annually retrograde Mercury prefers fire, air, or liquid soil. Mercury retrogrades in Aries.

A Retrograde on Fire

Signs of the Fire Element are creative, unconventional, and dreamers at heart. 

A Retrograde on Fire

The fire sign doesn't let any grass grow under its feet, and quick thinking is required at times.

2. What to Expect

 There is the possibility of a breakdown in or a complete cessation of contact. 

What to Expect

people can get confused or alter their minds.

What to Expect

Any machine, be it an electronic device, a coffee maker, or a vehicle, is susceptible to malfunction.

3. What Not to Do

efrain from signing contracts, getting married or engaged, undergoing elective or cosmetic surgery, 

What Not to Do

starting a new job or project, creating a website, purchasing large-ticket items, selling on real estate.

What Not to Do

During the retrograde, an employment opportunity may present itself that seems ideal. 

4. Your Secret Garden

This retrograde is a great opportunity to take stock of our life and make changes based on what we've learned.

Your Secret Garden

Frustrations are inevitable in backward conditions.

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