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Mercury Retograde: What to Expect Based on Your Sign

1. Aries 

Mercury Retrograde highlights your self-image, brand, public image, and reputation. 


Your sign will experience this retrograde more than others. Take your time and avoid impulsiveness.

2. Taurus

Taureans experience Mercury Retrograde in their 12th house of ends, healing, closure, spirituality, and isolation. 


Do your phrases reflect your future emotions or your current emotions.

3. Gemini

To leave time for self-care and your own interests, you may choose to decline some social invites. 


Consider your associations too. Do your friends and associates match your current self.

4. Cancer

Mercury Retrograde affects your 10th sign of career and objectives for the future. 


You can evaluate ways to improve your current job even if you don't want to switch careers.

5. Leo

Mercury Retrograde highlights your 9th home of travel, wisdom, and study. 


If wanderlust has struck, remember that expensive expenses and plans during retrograde often fail. 

6. Virgo

 Your intimate and financial ties may suffer. Where can you cut back to pay off debt.

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