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Luckiest In Love Zodiac Sign This April

1. Taurus 

April starts your birthday season, giving you many weeks with loved ones. Taurus Season highlights your charm and warmth.


Mercury in your sign makes you more empathic and willing to listen to others, making communication easier for people in relationships.

2. Gemini

As you're here to set boundaries and take charge, relationship energy changes in April.


Openness to love doesn't mean you'll put yourself last. Venus in your sign gives many possibilities and connections.


Venus in your sign boosts confidence, looks, moods, and motivation. April opens doors for new adventures.

3. Scorpio

You can escape Saturn by exploring different fields and finding your voice. Scorpios and other fixed signs may feel recovered from Saturn in Aquarius.


You're ready to move on romantically. Taurus season begins April 20th and encourages introspection and self-love.


Mercury in Taurus will allow deep connections. So trust potential partners.

4. Sagittarius

Venus in Gemini activates your partnership house, reminding you of your ideals and ambitions before entering relationships.


The Venus in Gemini transit few years ago may make you nostalgic, especially with the eclipse in Aries reminding you of your romantic sacrifices.

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