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Longest-living dog breeds

1.  Standard schnauzer

Standard schnauzers weigh 35–45 pounds and are friendly, attentive watchdogs.

2. Sealyham terrier 

This 24-pound dog is alert, gregarious, and funny. Their forehead hair distinguishes these friends.

3.  Pug

These dogs can live in the city, country, alongside kids or seniors, alone or in a pack. 

4. Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever

Webbed feet allow these dogs to swim, hunt, and hike.

5. Norwich terrier 

This small-working terrier weighs 12 pounds and stands 10 inches tall.

6.  Kerry blue terrier

This Irish farm dog is now a watchdog and family buddy.

7. Keeshond 

 This medium-sized spitz is known for its spectacle eye markings that resemble glasses. 

8.  Japanese chin

Japanese chins are noble, lovely, and loving. Little pets can live indoors.

9.  Italian spinone 

This densely haired hunting dog is friendly, patient, or sometimes stubborn.

10. German wirehaired pointer

Medium-sized German wirehaired pointers were sturdy.

11. Fox terrier

This master show dog was originally bred in British fox hunts.

12. Field spanie

Field spaniels are calm but active. Field spaniels are gentle but independent.

13.  English springer spaniel 

English springer spaniels are smart and active. 

14. Dalmatian

This breed, distinguished for its markings, has traveled with nobility, gypsies, and firefighters on horseback.

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