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Leo & Capricorn Emotional Compatible

Emotionally, these two can be a difficult fit because they are so dissimilar. 

As a fire sign, Leo has little difficulty expressing their true feelings. Whether they are pleased or sad.

Leo will express their emotions to their spouse, sometimes in a spectacular manner.

They would have no trouble, for instance, causing a disturbance in a calm restaurant over something extremely insignificant.

In love, they are, nonetheless, extremely affectionate and unable to resist extravagant romantic gestures.

Capricorn is not at all like that. Because Saturn rules them, they tend to be more emotionally guarded.

Regardless of how they feel during fights, they are able to set aside their feelings in to resolve issues effectively.

This can be both a positive and negative thing for Leo. Leo will value their partner's capacity to resolve conflicts.

Capricorn, unlike the effusive Leo, is not the type of spouse to casually express "I love you."

Capricorn is incredibly patient and will provide Leo with the necessary room to express themselves.

Leo must simply be aware not to do so when Capricorn is engaged in work.

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