Least Sophisticated Zodiac Sign

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Like the twins, the arrogance of the Aries originates from the person's actions rather than their taste.

1. Aries

We find temper tantrums to be pretty unsophisticated.


This outgoing sign is equally at home at a seedy dive bar as it is in a backpacker dorm on the opposite side of the world. 

2. Gemini

They will reveal their darkest secret and elaborate on their crazy antics from the night before.


 Going to galas and mixing with the rich and famous doesn't satisfy them spiritually.

3. Pisces

But learning about a new musician or recovering an old chair does.


You won't find Aquarians in the trendiest restaurants or on the most luxurious getaways.

4. Aquarius

Since this is the case, this humanitarian sign finds it extremely unappealing to attend corporate events and mingle with the rich and famous.


Because of their sensitivity, cancers aren't very sophisticated.

5. Cancer

They are so moved by what they experience that they are unable to control how they react.


Virgos who strive for perfection might look calm and collected, but only when they have everything under control. 

6. Virgo

Even if it's something they really want, their frugal side makes them think twice about spending money on it.


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