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Is Your Aquarius Lady Ready for a Proposal

She matches you

Before marrying you, a Libra lady will consider whether her life goals match yours.

After realising you're compatible for a short-term relationship, she'll wonder if you're compatible enough for marriage.

Libra women believe that sharing interests helps you understand each other.

Libra women want to know if you want kids. She will ask whether you want to travel or pursue other interests.

She wants alone time

When in love and ready to commit, a Libra lady will want more alone time with you.

If she starts skipping parties to watch movies with you, your Libra woman is likely to propose.

She’s more affectionate

Libra women are affectionate since Venus rules them. She's courteous and affectionate,

But she doesn't want to show it in public. Follow a Libra woman who shows more affection.

Your Libra woman's public display of affection indicates that she is attracted to you and doesn't care what others think.

Your Libra woman touching you may indicate a commitment.

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