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Is Aries Compatible with Capricorn?

Aries and Capricorn are compatible to a moderate degree.

Both Aries and Capricorn are cardinal signs, therefore they can be too rigid to see things from the other's perspective.

Capricorn is motivated by Aries' strong and aggressive demeanor, while Aries admires Capricorn's solid and sensible nature.

These differences inspire them to explore new things and to discover more about themselves.

Aries is forthright and upfront with their emotions; they are the sign of the obstinate ram, whereas Capricorn is quiet and cold.

Mars and Pluto co-rule the fire sign Aries, therefore it is not surprising that they are passionate, aggressive, and transformative.

As a sign of the earth, Capricorn is more steady and level-headed; when Aries becomes angry, they would prefer retreat than debate.

If these two realize their distinct emotional types, they will be far more tolerant of one another.

Recognize, if you are an Aries, that Capricorn occasionally requires space to assimilate information.

Capricorns should learn to listen to the emotional problems of Aries.

Aries is not one to keep secrets for long, and they are quick to forgive when they feel wronged.

Capricorn is also seeking a relationship, thus they are highly practical and attentive to their loved ones. 

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