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"I Won't Kiss You Unless..." Their Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

You must equal my energy to kiss me. Aries want passion most. They want to know you love them.

2. Taurus

I'll kiss you if you initiate. If you hesitate, a Taurus won't kiss you.

3. Gemini

I'll kiss you if you laugh. Geminis need more. They must like you personally. 

4. Cancer

You must show that you care about my thoughts as much as my body before I kiss you. 

5. Leo

Leos want to be spoiled, thus they won't reward negative behaviour with intimacy.

6. Virgo

Until you're comfortable, I won't kiss you. Virgos will not compromise.

7. Libra

You must make me feel special to kiss me. Libras love. They desire wooing. 

8. Scorpio

They won't compete for your attention. They want to know you exclusively love them.

9. Sagittarius

They like control. They prefer to initiate the relationship and set the rules.

10. Capricorn

You must get to know me before I kiss you. Capricorns demand more.

11. Aquarius

You must flirt before we kiss. Aquarius don't want random kisses. 

12. Pisces

Pisces won't like being forced to go faster. They prefer leading.

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