Heartbreak Taught Each Zodiac Sign

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It's best to end a bad relationship rather than keep trying. Leaving is hard, but it's best for you.

1. Aries

You survived heartbreak. You've survived days when you couldn't get out of bed and cried buckets. 

2. Taurus

The appropriate person will value your big heart. You will be a blessing to them.

3. Gemini

The partnership will fail if both parties don't contribute. Everyone must participate in the partnership.

4. Cancer

Your sadness showed you have a strong support system.

5. Leo

Grief taught you to trust only oneself. You can't make others like you, but you can like yourself. 

6. Virgo

Once you discover that your partner lies or sneaks about, it is diligently to go back. Always feel variations.

7. Libra

That shouldn't happen. Your partner should make you happier. Excite, not hurt.

8. Scorpio

Humans change, therefore don't expect the connection to stay the same. Always evolving.

9. Sagittarius

Relationships require more than powerful feelings.  Morals and future goals must match. 

10. Capricorn

Your heartbreak showed you that those you love may harm you most. 

11. Aquarius

You can't influence them. This is uncontrollable.

12. Pisces

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