God's Duties For Each Zodiac Sign

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God had Aries first. Aries had to plant God's message in people's thoughts.

1. Aries

God wanted Taurus to make the seed sustainable. Taurus had time to complete Aries' work. Taurus received strength.

2. Taurus

Gemini failed numerous questions. Geminis had to offer them a real-world solution. 

3. Gemini

God intended Cancer to make individuals experience feelings to complete them. 

4. Cancer

Leo must remember that God created. God honored Leo if he kept his commitment and wasn't proud.

5. Leo

Virgo was God's watchdog over humanity's abuse of his lovely creation. God fixed Virgo's mistake. Virgo earned thought purity.

6. Virgo

Libra was tasked with promoting service. Libra taught cooperation. Following Libra's job, God offered Libra love.

7. Libra

Scorpio couldn't hear the ideas. Scorpio received the greatest gift, purpose, after following through.

8. Scorpio

God created Sagittarius to make people laugh at their misconceptions. Laughing may inspire individuals to accept God. 

9. Sagittarius

Capricorn must teach hard labor. God wants people to realize that life will be hard.

10. Capricorn

Aquarius had an abstract concept to promote. God assigned Aquarius the task of showing people all their options.

11. Aquarius

God commanded Pisces to comfort others. Pisces' tears were God's. 

12. Pisces

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