Feeling Like Unwanted Zodiac Signs

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Cancers are delicate. They'll presume you don't want to talk if you don't answer quickly. 

1. Cancer

Cancers overthink and have low self-esteem, so they worry about losing you. 


Taurus have firm limits and don't always accept invitations. 

2. Taurus

Even if they don't want to go out, being asked makes them feel loved. 


They don't want to give more heart than they get. Scorpios pretend not to worry about fitting in, but they do.

3. Scorpio

This sign is usually unwelcome, so they shield themselves. 


This sign is not concerned about conformity. They won't bend to others' wishes.

4. Aquarius

This sign is unabashed but lonely. They hate solitude. However, they've adapted.


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