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Each Zodiac's Rejection Response

1. Aries

They hate rejection. They can't believe someone isn't interested.


They keep trying till they succeed. They won't accept no and will fight for what they desire. 

2. Taurus

They give up after one try and may block that person since they don't handle rejection well. 


They seldom pursue someone, but when they do, they take it seriously.

3. Gemini

They remain cordial until they realize the other person is not interested.


They may start by texting jokes or suggesting coffee and keeping things casual.

4. Cancer

They write in their notebook about their love misfortunes and how they feel deceived by their partners.


They blame self for everything they didn't do and don't consider why the other people may not be ready. 

5. Leo

They don't accept it as rejection because their ego won't allow them.


They tell themselves they didn't like this individual. 

6. Virgo

They keep wondering whether they should have spoken more.


They worry they may have driven the other person aside by not being clear or expressing interest.

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