Each Zodiac Sign Needs Calming

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It is acceptable to calm down. You're permitted to stop for a moment and catch your air.

1. Aries

You may believe you are overreacting, but it is acceptable to take precautions and care for yourself.

2. Taurus

 Don't know everything. People adore you for who they are, not your skills or knowledge.

3. Gemini

Your family knows you care. You don't have to monitor them 24/7. I promise. Consider yourself.

4. Cancer

Admitting stress is fine. You don't have to handle everything right now.

5. Leo

You can't think about getting out of this, so let go. You're not surrendering. 

6. Virgo

Even if they are hard to uncover, recognise and love them now more than ever.

7. Libra

You shall overcome this darkness. You'll find a new focus that will brighten your world.

8. Scorpio

Even if you can't travel, you're still entire. Remember your past.

9. Sagittarius

Limits are good. Take a break and relax. You need and deserve it.

10. Capricorn

Save yourself before saving the planet. You matter. Self-care is not selfish.

11. Aquarius

Compassion is a gift, not your identity. It's important to see and be seen.

12. Pisces

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