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Dogs Breeds Most Likely To Attack


Dobermans defend houses and serve in police and military units worldwide without training.

Great Dane

Great Danes are gentle and protective, especially with children.


They're not suggested for most families because they're territorial and aggressive.


 They're calm, ready to please, and less territorial than other breeds.


Akitas, one of the largest dog breeds at 130 pounds, can be aggressive with unfamiliar dogs.


These canines are strong, independent, and suitable for older children.


They're energetic, but they mostly chew furniture and dig holes in the backyard.

German shepherd

Their boundless energy can lead to high-strung or violent behaviour if they're not exercised daily.


They are good watchdogs, although they should be supervised around little children because of their territoriality.

Pit bull

Pit bulls are feared, yet they're not natural fighters. When properly trained, pit bulls are intelligent, gentle, and loving.

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