Dating Compatibility of Leo & Leo Zodiac Sign

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Leos can date well. Astrologer and spiritual coach says Leos enjoy romance and have "enchanting" courtships.

Leos are faithful fixed signs and less inclined to cheat. “Their loyalty for each other has no bounds.

These two love because the lion rules the heart. They're loving and open. Because they know how each other feels, they bond easily.

Their relationship emotions are stable. They love romance and fidelity. They're committed forever. 

Two Leos can build a long-lasting and deep friendship, both recognizing the other's steadfast approach and devotion to life and each other.

Leos are stubborn because they are fixed. “If they argue, all hell breaks loose.

It could spark a fight with this stubborn pair. If they cannot contain the fire, a bridge could burn.

They'll be emotionally compatible if they focus on love and control their tempers.

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