Best Time To Get Married Zodiac Sign

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Late summer weddings are perfect for air signs who prefer to stand out.

1. Aquarius

Weddings in early spring are very charming.

2. Pisces

Fire signs should choose the sunniest day for their weddings.

3. Aries

Taurus weddings are usually big affairs. "The bridal gown, food, beverage, and table arrangement.

4. Taurus

This exquisite destination wedding should be held in late

5. Gemini

To enhance the lunar mood, decorate with Cancer's orchids and white roses.

6. Cancer

You can shine at this wedding. "Leo, you like that no one has called you a coward.

7. Leo

Virgos, an earth sign, may prefer spring weddings. 

8. Virgo

Libra rules marriage. This may explain why October is a popular wedding month. 

9. Libra

The Winter Solstice is ideal for Scorpio weddings." Make your wedding night the longest possible.

10. Scorpio

A magnificent winter wedding with a lively reception will please traditionalists.

11. Sagittarius

Capricorn brides may choose June weddings. Zodiac signs might help you choose a wedding date.

12. Capricorn

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