Best Plants for Your Zodiac sign

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Capricorns are responsible like elephants. Nobody can stop an animal or you from succeeding.

1. Aries

Elephants are protective of their families, which you value most.

2. Taurus

Aquarius is a water carrier with an overflowing vase. The Nile flood marked spring and growth. 

3. Gemini

After getting comfortable, they display their active, crazy side. Both desire everyone's friend.

4. Cancer

Pisces divide their focus between fantasy and reality, hence their emblem is two fish moving in opposite directions. 

5. Leo

Thay should have an animal that enjoys jumping in water.

6. Virgo

Aries must be fiery because they may instantly retaliate. 

7. Libra

But not just any wolf. Leaders lead packs. Both are busy, social animals. 

8. Scorpio

Taurus is Latin for bull. Bulls represent strength, drive, and power.

9. Sagittarius

 Taurus are determined to succeed. Like bears. They'll continue till they have salmon.

10. Capricorn

Geminis are gregarious and restless, thus their twin emblem. 

11. Aquarius

geminis are two-faced, but they can adapt to any scenario.

12. Pisces

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