Best Match for Leo Zodiac Signs, Ranked

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It's Leo's greatest match. These indicators share a lot and should work well together.

1. Sagittarius

Leo-Gemini matches are lively. They're outgoing and flirty. They're close and funny.

2. Gemini

Fire signs are passionate, dramatic, and thrilling. Both signs are faithful and passionate about life and relationships.

3. Aries

Both indications are loving. Both signs are attention addicts, thus they support each other.

4. Libra

Both Leos may want to be right, and if they have many different viewpoints, a perpetual struggle of wills can soured their relationship.

5. Leo

Both signs are energetic, but in different ways. Leo is the party animal, whereas Aquarius is mysterious and charming.

6. Aquarius

Pisces' enigmatic, fantasy romance captivates Leo. Leo wants to protect Pisces' vulnerability.

7. Pisces

Leo and Cancer have a wonderful contrast despite their components not mixing well.

8. Cancer

Virgo's service calms Leo's demand for love and attention.

9. Virgo

Both signs are obstinate. They prefer dramatic fights and are enigmatic and powerful. 

10. Scorpio

Leos seek sociability, risk-taking, and excitement, whereas Taurus are conservative homebodies.

11. Taurus

Leo may not like Capricorn's seriousness. Capricorn is action-oriented and dislikes verbal praise, while Leo adores it.

12. Capricorn

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