Best Kissing Signs in the Zodiac, Ranked

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Pisces is the kisser. These sensitive, gentle, passionate individuals are love and romance powerhouses.

1. Pisces

They also initiate kisses. Even the shyest feel comfortable with their innate strength.


Scorps are second in kissing. They kiss deeply like Pisces. They kiss to maintain their beautiful and intense reputation.

2. Scorpio

Taurus naturally kisses like the other two signs. They know how to perform smooth from birth.

3. Taurus

Tauruses love to please, thus kissing them is rewarding.


Zodiac's gentle heart. These heartfelt kisses change lives. Their kisses are passionate.

4. Cancer

Kissing them is fantastic, making you want more. Cancer has a big heart, and each kiss makes you feel like you belong.


Aries kiss well. To impress you. to attract. They enjoy ravishing and melting their partners.

5. Aries

Aries are also daring. Fire signs will kiss whenever they want. They'll direct you to the perfect kissing spot.


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