Best And Worst Zodiac Matches for the Virgo Man

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Cancers can trust Virgo. Cancer women nest and need a warm house.

1. Cancer

Virgo enjoys working and providing. She loves his handyman skills and clean home.


Both work hard and have regulations. They work well together. Capricorn leads while Virgo works.

2. Capricorn

He enjoys working on the details while Capricorn handles the big picture.


They're realistic. Strong earth sign combination. Both value practicality and realism.

3. Taurus

Taurus appreciates receiving help from Virgo. Venus-ruled Taurus enjoys pampering.


They observe and analyze. They share worldviews. Both are smart character judges.

4. Scorpio

They can talk about anything in detail. They recognize their mutual learning potential.


Both are smart. They're geniuses. They can brainstorm anything together.

Worst Matches

Aries encourages shy Virgo. Virgo stays hidden and safe. Risk-averse, he avoids them.


Sagittarius encourages Virgo's daring. Sagittarius loves excitement and adventure.


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