Before marrying, know each zodiac sign

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They're impulsive. They say and do things without thinking because they're fearless and carefree. 

1. Aries

They won't start eating breakfast or modify their exercise routine because you believe it's healthy for them.

2. Taurus

They're quite indecisive. They won't be allowed to choose an apartment or house or the stuff to fill it.

3. Gemini

They prioritize family and friends. They would do anything for their loved ones, sometimes even more than themselves.

4. Cancer

They like the spotlight. They prefer their own way and are self-centered. 

5. Leo

They plan everything because they think of the worst-case situation and want to avoid it. 

6. Virgo

They'll want to do everything with you, not because they're clingy, but because they can't enjoy anything without someone.

7. Libra

They're insanely jealous. They'll feel jealous nonetheless. They don't trust you because they only trust themselves. 

8. Scorpio

They're uncontainable. If your relationship suffocates them, they'll go. They wish to live without limits.

9. Sagittarius

They value their word and time. Be there when you say you will. Keep your word. They always keep their word and want you to too.

10. Capricorn

They like solitude. They need time alone to recharge, not because they don't like you. 

11. Aquarius

They are emotional. They feel your grief and are sensitive.

12. Pisces

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