Beautiful Small Towns in America

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Solvang, California

Solvang's streets are enchanting. Danish immigrants from the cold Midwest settled on the West Coast.

Marfa, Texas

This Texan desert hamlet has attracted hipsters and artists for decades.

Ferndale, California

Ferndale's charm is unmatched. The entire town is a California Historic Landmark and resembles Pleasantville.

Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone would be a ghost town without its 450,000 annual tourists.

Frankenmuth, Michigan

There are several Bavarian-style communities in the U.S. Frankenmuth, founded in 1845.

Opa Locka, Florida

This unique Floridian village needs a magic carpet. It boasts the most Moorish Revival architecture in the West.

Alamo, Nevada

Area 51, rumored to house extraterrestrial life, is near Alamo, Nevada.

Lucas, Kansas

Lucas, Kansas' Grassroots Art Capitol, is an agricultural town of a few hundred people.

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