Archangels And Their Connection Zodiac Signs

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Archangel It is said that Ariel is the angel of nature's healing arts. 

1. Ariel: Aries

The Archangel Chamuel is the one who provides us inner serenity. 

2. Chamuel: Taurus 

It is also possible to refer to Archangel Zadkiel as the angel of forgiveness.

3. Zadkiel: Gemini 

The mission of the archangel Gabriel is to provide the divine fortitude that you need to prevail. 

4. Gabriel: Cancer 

Archangel Raziel lends a hand in uncovering the hidden truths of God as well as the wisdom contained inside your own being. 

5. Raziel: Leo

He helps sensitive youngsters, novice spiritualists, and individuals striving to comprehend the cosmos.

6. Metatron: Virgo

Ask this angel to help you sort out your thoughts and feelings whenever you feel confused.

7. Jophiel : Libra

Archangel God's kindness, or Jeremiel, is a common name for him. 

8. Jeremiel: Archangel

Ask Raguel to act as a mediator and assist you work through any disagreements or misunderstandings.

9. Raguel: Sagittarius 

Azrael aids deceased souls in their transition to the afterlife, consoles the grieving, and assists them in moving beyond their loss.

10. Azrael: Capricorn 

The angel of wisdom and understanding, Uriel, is present in our minds in the form of original thought. 

11. Uriel: Aquarius 

The archangel Sandalphon is responsible for conveying our petitions and supplications to the Lord.

12. Sandalphon: Pisces

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