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Aquarius Woman's Proposal Signs

You meet her family

When an Aquarius lady introduces you to her family, friends, or inner circle, she is ready to commit.

f she calls you her boyfriend or significant other, she will be distant during the early dating phase.

Aquarius women are social yet keep their friends and family apart.

She makes time

Aquarius women are ready to settle down when they quit their solitary lifestyle to spend more time with you.

She will invade her own space if she's ready to commit. 

Aquarius women will call you more often to organise dates rather than once a week or once a month.

She becomes possessive

An Aquarius woman is one of the most laid-back people you'll ever meet.

 When jealous, she can be confused. An Aquarius lady may want to keep you interested in her.

If an Aquarius woman is jealous, she trusts you. She's serious and devoted when her jealousy surfaces.

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