Anxiety Overcoming Your Zodiac Sign

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You're dealing with unexpected feelings. Time is passing too rapidly and you're not getting anywhere. 

1. Aries

Your financial hardship is evident right now. 

2. Taurus

You're finally back to normal, yet it may seem strange in certain respects. 

3. Gemini

You can make life less stressful. Give less to uncaring folks.

4. Cancer

You're not everything. You can't force your life to be simple. 

5. Leo

Now is not the time to organize and maybe move.

6. Virgo

Trying too hard to be joyful. Stop craving as soon as possible. 

7. Libra

You worry excessively. Sitting and ruminating can only make your problems worse.

8. Scorpio

You're stressed now. You fall further behind as you change.

9. Sagittarius

You try too hard to be liked. Instead, work on self-acceptance. 

10. Capricorn

Perfectionism is unnecessary. Vulnerability is okay. 

11. Aquarius

You are stronger than you think. Slowly step up as you turn a bend. 

12. Pisces

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