Angel To Devil Zodiac Signs Ranked

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God consults you because you're pure. Your excellence makes others feel guilty of their misdeeds.

1. Libra

You're kind to elderly women and all animals. You rescue kitties from trees and newborns from plummeting.

2. Taurus

Your dark side is anger when individuals don't return your compassion.

3. Pisces

Loving everyone is a Sagittarius virtue. Your heart sings and your life smiles.

4. Sagittarius

Water bearer. Your best strength is helping people. You like making others happy.

5. Aquarius

How you wake up determines whether you're good or terrible.

6. Gemini

Leo. Yet if someone crosses you, they'll regret meeting you.

7. Leo

You always assist others, visit the ill, and take your siblings to school. 

8. Cancer

If someone wrongs you, you'll take retribution and humiliate them. But everyone will like you.

9. Virgo

You're a professional wrongdoer. Addiction, gambling, cheating, lying, double-crossing, and swindling. 

10. Aries

You're wicked. When caught, you apologize. You're always guilty, even if you prove your innocence.

11. Capricorn

You are so malevolent that Satan himself shouts your name. 

12. Scorpio

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