America's Most Popular Dogs

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Akitas have old Japanese ancestry, which explains their regal demeanour.

Shiba Inu

Japan's most adored dog, the Shiba, has quickly become America's. That cheerful smile!

Bichon Frise

Their fluffy fur makes Bichons Frises look like cotton balls. They love showing off at the groomer.

Basset Hound

Their huge, floppy ears that almost touch the ground make Bassets easy to detect.


Floor-length fur makes these pups stand out. Families enjoy adding bows and ornaments to their hair too.


Chihuahuas may be little enough to carry in a purse, but their hearts and personalities are enormous.

Border Collie

The finest of both worlds, border collies are incredibly bright, friendly, and cuddly.


Although pugs have a peculiar appearance, this is what makes them so adorable.


It is not difficult to see why these canines are known as pom poms.

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