All Zodiac Signs Monthly Tarot Reading 

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If something or person triggers your fears and flaws. Avoid anger and defence.

1. Aries

Acceptance eliminates your anxieties. You'll find serenity and opportunity when you submit. 


You may overcontrol or oppose change and instability. Give up some control each day.

2. Taurus 

Release everything and discover your potential. We only learn in vulnerability. 


You hide loneliness well. Escapism may have helped you. However, a friend, lover, or other person won't let you go.

3. Gemini 

Give your everything and watch how easy the relationship is. Connect with reflected souls.


You're unique. Speak up. Let your body absorb the wonderful cosmic energy you sense sometimes. 

4. Cancer 

 If you don't connect with art maybe your words and dialogues may cure you and others.


Let's forget. Now is not an appropriate moment to resolve past events. 

5. Leo 

Take open chapters in stride and move on. If not today, then later. Lion-walk till then.


It's time to branch out and experiment. Only by taking an untrodden path may one discover anything novel.

6. Virgo 

Get out of your comfort zone and start making conscious, deliberate decisions every day.


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