3 Zodiac Signs Who Need Personal Space In Love

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You love and relate well, yet you need space to be yourself.


You share everything with your partner, but you need your time off and privacy.

During the Sagittarius Quarter Moon, you will tell your lover how much you need it mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Quarter Moon transits teach us about "half measures," and for Taurus, it means personal space.

You are designed for love, and you will find a lasting relationship, but it all depends on respecting personal space.


Even though you're materialistic, your hobbies and "things" are yours, and you shouldn't have to share them.

You'll share your love, but not your possessions. Your lover should appreciate you since you identify with your items.

Your mental inventions and escapes are yours and should not be tampered with.


You're happy in a relationship until your lover asks what you're thinking.

That's cute until you realize they always want to know what you're thinking and fill in the blanks with their neurotic guesses

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