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3 Zodiac Signs Trust No One


Moon trine Neptune supports your decision to stay home on a day when you don't trust anyone.

Why would you ever believe anything? What may change your mind? You've always trusted your gut, and you won't start now.

You'll encounter a circumstance that's clearly unsuitable for you. Others may try to convince you that you "really should be a part of this

but you'll retreat into your safe space. Well, Virgo? I applaud your gut instinct.


Trust people? That's amusing, Sagittarius, and nobody laughs harder at the prospect of trusting another person.

You trust your pets because they react predictably, and you trust your coffee because you know how to make it, but people? Please, not in this life.

Your instinct urges you to trust just yourself, therefore you don't care if you seem untrustworthy.


Capricorn, during Moon trine Neptune, you'll trust your gut. You've avoided many hardships by following your heart rather than others' advice.

You'll have to trust someone again to find out the truth about anything bothering you.

Again, you'll understand that avoiding people is best.

You're already disillusioned with humanity; you don't need another method to prove it. You may seem tough, but you survive.

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