3 Zodiac Signs Are Selfish In Love

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You're a softy, despite people's assumptions that you're selfish in love.


If your partner doesn't set boundaries, you must. Stop letting others control your relationship.

Aries, love independence is today. You'll still love them, but you won't give until you're empty.

How often have you had the feeling that you simply gave out excessive amounts of your time, energy, and love?


During the transit of Mercury Uranus you will confront an uncomfortable truth: you are not selfish enough.

Who would possibly question such a proposition? It will hit you like a ton of bricks when you realize you have to start taking care of yourself.

Whenever you give in and allow your partner to do something you know they shouldn't, you feel a pang of regret.


You suppress your feelings and pretend they don't exist because you're trying to be "the bigger person.

You can no longer act like a bodhisattva in a relationship by allowing your partner to walk all over you.

Keep your cool. Just say no if there's something you really don't want.

Express your desires if there are any. Be assertive and honest; if others judge you to be selfish, so what?

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