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3 Zodiac Signs Are In Love Triangle


Geminis are known as the zodiac's hotties. Geminis need mental stimulation. They're bored otherwise. When bored, they'll seek stimulation elsewhere.

Their dualism and restlessness can make them fun, but it can also get them into hot water.

They should be honest with their partners if they wish to avoid leaving a path of tears in their wake.


Libra, represented by the scales, weighs everything.

Due of this, they're often indecisive, which might lead to them dragging people along.

They want to be romanced, thus they will be more than delighted to have more than one paramour seeking to earn their affection.

Libras will wait if they're getting enough attention from that person, expecting they'll be the "one" eventually.


Aquarius's airiness may put them in a love triangle. They can be emotionally distant.

Aquarius enjoys unorthodox playmates, which may make them pansexual and inclined to polyamory.

They're monogamous when they find someone who fulfills their kinky standards. They can be great companions after sowing those wild oats.

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