3 Zodiac Signs Are Happier After A Breakup

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In April you feel optimism again, not second chances. This is about you and your goals, not love.


You'll realize that you're equally as essential as they were and that your aspirations don't have to be sacrificed for others' sensitivities.

You need a spouse that supports you, not one who limits and controls you. You're happy now, even if you're not smiling.

You may feel guilty for feeling so euphoric after splitting up with your recent partner.


Sagittarius, you left them because you had to. You got away, but you don't want to think about it for the rest of the year.

Glad you broke free, you want to live, enjoy, and adventure the rest of the year.

When you're ready, you'll meet someone new, but you won't repeat the patterns that led you to your ex.

You just broke up with someone you love and admire, but you know you're happier without them in your life.


You're free, which is what you needed. You can unleash your creativity today that your former relationship didn't allow.

Today is excellent for you since everything appears true and there are no tears for the first time in a while. Happy Aquarius.

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