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3 Biggest Prankster Zodiac Couples

Aries & Gemini

Aries-Gemini couples never get bored. Both are powerful, independent, energetic, and easily bored, thus they enjoy to prank one other.

Geminis are bright, and Aries isn't afraid to go hard and fast while having fun: the perfect combo for a viral joke or prank.

Sagittarius & Libra

Sagittarius has a sense of humour, while Libras prefer to accept circumstances as they are.

Both signs are clever, so their jokes or pranks will be well-conceived in terms of preserving the feelings of the other.

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This duo is masterful at playing pranks and tricks on one another.

Leo & Aquarius

Both indications are not considered to be the best or most compatible, although a few couples that share these characteristics manage perfectly well.

In all likelihood, when these two individuals meet, they will be vivacious and have a great time.

With the ingenuity of Leo and the inventiveness of Aquarius, these two can engage in outrageous pranks or tricks.

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