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11 Grocery Stores With the Freshest Produce

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is famous for its fresh produce. Since 1980, it's pioneered high-quality, natural, healthful goods as the first certified organic grocery store.

Sprouts Farmers Market

The farmers market-themed chain has some of the best vegetables because of its commitment to provide healthy, natural food to millions.

Central Market

This prominent Texas grocery offers seasonal food with a "fresh-from-the-farm shine" to Southern shoppers.

Natural Grocers

This Colorado-based health-focused retailer would raise its hand first. Its strict standards help customers find healthful foods.


Heinen's is one of Consumer Reports' top three produce merchants. This family-owned firm sells 400 types of fruits and vegetables.


East Coast supermarkets are known for their produce. Wegmans' five-times-faster refresh rate allows them to sell the freshest produce.


Texans love H-E-B for many reasons, including its produce aisles. Consumers say the assortment is fresher and tastier than Walmart.


Midwesterners' favorite one-stop shop makes healthy eating easier. Experienced buyers choose local, fresh produce.

Jungle Jim's

This wildlife-themed supermarket is exceptional. Jungle Jim's, with two Ohio sites, impresses visitors with its vegetables.

Fresh Market

It is only fitting that the customer-voted winner of "Best Supermarket in America" will also be recognized for its exceptional produce.

Fresh Thyme Market

The majority of the chain's fruits and veggies are sourced from the Midwestern United States.

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